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Frequently asked questions.

1. What material is the cage made of?

These cages are made of a lightweight and malleable plastic fencing that allow for sunlight and water to reach the plant even when the cage is installed. In addition, the malleability allows for easy storage and reshaping to fit different plant sizes.

2. What state do they arrive in? Do they require assembly.

They'll will arrive mostly assembled, but will need to be shaped from a roll into a circle, and will need to have metal stakes applied to the base to ensure they fit snug to the ground.

3. Do I need to buy anything additional?

Everything that is required for the products to function properly is included with a purchase of one of our Bunny Barriers.

What animals does this product protect against.

This product will be most effective against small animals such as rabbits that cannot climb.

5. Do you fulfill wholesale orders

Yes, please use the "contact us" page on this website to discuss details about a wholesale order.

6. How do I orient the cage in my garden?

The top of each cage will be smooth, and the bottom will be slightly sharpers. Orient the smooth edge facing up, to prevent anything small scrapes and scratches when tending to your plants.

7. How can they be stored?

They can be stored indoors and outdoors. They can be compressed to take up less space in storage and when they are ready to be used again, they can be reshaped into a circle for use.

How long will they last.

We have made multiple cages of various sizes for our own home and they have been used for seven years. They will still look like new, and have not broken or deteriorated in any way.

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