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Our Story

Bunny Barriers is a family business founded and advised by David Mangan, and run by his children Aidan (16) and Keira (15).  in 2016, Dave created these protectors, as bunnies kept ruining all of our plants in our yard. In 2021, the kids decided that they wanted to try and sell our products, surprisingly selling almost 200 units in the first year. Bunny Barriers have benefited our garden, as well as the gardens of our customers. Thus far, our customers have consisted of residents from our town as well as neighboring towns, all reached through Facebook Marketplace. While David helps with management, all of the products are created by Aidan and Keira, and the profit goes directly to them. These profits help Aidan and Keira save up for cars, college, and some fun too! We have learned a lot running our business, and had a lot of fun making these plans protectors as well!  We hope to help you protect your plants for many years to come!

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